The Bishop of Morphou Neophytos said in a speech on Sunday during mass at the Nikitari village that Coronavirus is punishment for people’s sin and malice, according to philenews.
“People need to suffer in some way, through a disease for example. Scientists cannot find a cure, and they will have a very hard time finding one because this disease is the result of sin and malice between the grand powers and our own sin and malice,” he said.
“If two years have passed and no cure has been found and the disease spreads across the world — which is clearly what will happen — there will be no medicine. Doctors and nurses will have contracted the virus because they will be at the front line.
“Will nurses do their duty like the Saints did, or will they get frightened? Will we offer our dying brother a glass of water or will we isolate and abandon them like people do in China?
“Here is what it means to be a Christian: To be prepared to die for your God and your brother…and your country. To die for your brother is superior to dying for your country,” said the Bishop.
The Bishop of Morphou caused an uproar in the summer of 2019 after he told an audience in June in Akaki that men are born homosexual if their mothers have — and enjoy — anal sex when pregnant with them. He also said that gay men give off a “particular odour” and can be identified by “holy men”.